Crypto scam/fraud (Cybercrime) reporting procedure in India?

There is no surprise to know that with the popularity of crypto assets in India, related frauds and scams are rising day by day.

If you’ve fallen victim to a crypto fraud/scam, cyber experts at OZGiAN suggest you to follow four steps mentioned below: 

1. Find your transaction IDs:

Before contacting Cyber Police and OZG Cybercrime Helpdesk, you will need all the transaction IDs. These transaction IDs will allow investigators to see exactly where your crypto assets are moving.

What is a transaction ID? 

This is known as the transaction hash. This hash identifies the date/time, sending addresses, receiving addresses, transaction amounts, fees and more. A Bitcoin transaction hash, for example, is displayed as a 65-digit hexadecimal number. 

Where can I find my TXID?

Start by locating the address you sent your Bitcoin to and paste this into the search bar of any open-source blockchain explorer. This will display all incoming and outgoing transactions to and from that address. Not all exchanges and crypto wallets provide TXIDs. Depending on the exchange or wallet you are using, you may need to get your transaction information to find the transaction ID. Since most blockchains are public, you should be able to find it by yourself through any open-source blockchain explorer.

2. Write your complaint email: 

A concise email/chat message of crypto fraud/scam incident will help you to proceed -

🔖 all transaction IDs

where you sent your crypto from a private wallet, account at the exchange (name). 

🔖 where you believed you were sending your funds (perpetrator’s private wallet, arbitrage account). 

🔖 screenshots of fraudulent interaction  (email/WhatsApp, or social media post). 

3. Reporting to Cybercrime Police. 

The incident can be reported to local cyber crime police and/or at

4. Chat @ OZG Cybercrime Helpdesk. 

It is available 24x7.

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